About Us


irwan-guide rinjani

Irwan Trekker is a trekking service organizer to climb mount rinjani lombok-indonesia.
headed by irwan, a trekking guide from rinjani who has experienced considering since 2009.

Irwan Trekker will arrange, serve and prepare all of your desires in navigating the mountain of rinjani in comfort and pleasure.

Our  guide and porters are local team who live in senaru and near the foot of the rinjani mountain

  • Irwan Trekker has commitment to:
    engaged inside the ascent to mount rinjani with emphasis on protection,comfort and satisfaction in addition to maintaining and resfecting tradition and nature.
  • preserve and smooth rinjani mountain by means of not slicing trees indiscriminately and clean rinjani mountain from rubbish that has been a huge trouble to this point.
  • give all the best for guest.

Get your the real trekking experienced in rinjani mountain with us..!