About Us

Irwan Trekker is an experienced tour guide company offering all-inclusive packages since 2009 to help you to climb Mount Rinjani on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Irwan Trekker will organize and arrange your trek in order to provide you with the best mountain experience in the Rinjani National Park.  All our guides and porters are from Senaru being the village situated at the foot of the Rinjani. Their knowledge and experience will ensure you safety, comfort and of course loads of pleasure all along the hike.

Irwan Trekker has commitments to :

  • Respecting the Rinjani National Park Guidance and Directives by immediately following their procedures and coordinating accordingly with park rangers.
  • Preserving the Rinjani National Park by removing our trash and rubbish and by not slicing trees or making fire.
  • Ensuring your safety. We will never force you to do something you are not capable of.

We will always take weather forecast very seriously so we will never put yourselves or our team at risk.

Get your the real trekking experience and explore Mount Rinjani with us..!