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Serious climbers have to be capable of make the choice to stay on the mountain for 3 nights or more with the itinerary to be reached at the edge of the crater, all the way down to the shore of the lake, warm springs, peaks and greater. Such rinjani trekking commonly starts within the village of senaru or sambulan lawang village but in recent years several different routes were opened which include the route of stokel, timbanuh route and torean route
However we can offer an evidence of the course from the village of senaru and the path from the village of sembalun.
Due to the fact these two lanes are the maximum famous Rinjani trekking route from the past until now.
Both of those traces have stunning scenery and are clean to get right of entry to the complete of the most crucial locations inclusive of the crater rim senaru, the lone children of the lake, hot springs and peaks.

Trekking Route from senaru village

Trekking Route from senaru village is a relatively heavy ride to the crater rim.
The ascent starts from an altitude of 600 meters from sea level to an altitude of 2641 m, usually starting in the morning.
The climb time is 6 to 8 hours depending on your walking speed to the crater rim.
The first part of the journey is through the tropical rain forests.
If you are lucky you will be able to see monkeys, or black monkeys, who are swinging the trees that usually come out in the morning.
They are very shy, unlike the ordinary apes who can gather near stopovers to wait for the rest of the food.
You will encounter and bypass postal posts like post 1 at altitude 9.15 meters, extra post at altitude 1. 110 meters, POS II at altitude1. 500 meters, 3 posts at 2000 meters altitude and the last post is “fir heading five” or so-called heading 4 at an altitude of 2. 480 meters, then we arrive at the plot of senaru / crater rim senaru.
You will come out of the tropical forest after arriving at post 3 and next you will take a slightly steep road with a view of a small hill hill with pine trees up to the senaru / crater rim senaru.

If you still have the energy to continue the journey, you can simply go down to the lakeside to bathe in hot water waters.

But usually all climbers will spend the night in the senaru / crater rim and continue his journey on the second day.

To get to the shores of the lake and hot springs, you need to have the confidence to do this because this is a sharp drop, you have to be extra careful and focus on every step you take.Remember. . . ! If you want to take pictures here, as well as you stop at a slightly flat place.

Do not until you take a picture while walking because many incidents of accidents caused by such incidents.

Then return to Senaru village as you come. Local guides walk down faster, but speed varies for everyone.

The decrease from Pelawangan / crater rim to POS 3 is usually slippery and dusty in dry weather because it consists of dry and barren soil.
From POS 3 to POS 2, the derivatives can take between 5 and 2 hours, as savanna grasslands fade, and the humidity and heat of the tropical rainforest begin to set.

Useful tip: it is advisable to use a climbing stick during a derivative to maintain safety for your ankles especially when the feet hurt due to heavy climbing.

There is an option to go to Plawangan II / crater rim where you will spend another night before climbing to the top.

This is not recommended especially from the Senaru side though. If you want to climb to the top, climbing to Plawangan II is best done from sembalun village.

Trekking Route from Sembalun village

Trekking Route from sembalun village is a favorite path for climbers who want to climb to the top because the path from the village senaru distance to the top closer than we start the ascent from the village senaru.
Climbing from the village at the beginning of the altitude of 1. 100 meters from sea level to pelawangan sembalun / crater rim sembalun 2. 639 meters.

The climb usually begins in the morning from the hamlet bawaq nao after registering and buying entrance tickets. The climb to Plawangan / crater rim will take approximately 7 to 8 hours depending on your walking speed.

You will pass and meet a stop-off like POS 1 at an altitude of 1. 300 meters, POS 2 at an altitude of 1. 500 meters, POS3 at altitude1. 800 meters and the last post is post 4 which is usually called “shadow post” or “post fir a thousand” at an altitude of 2. 480 meters and then arrive at the paved slope at Altitude 2. 639 meters.

The first half or more of the trip is really very easy.
The journey through the meadow grass is windy and relaxing, with tidal ups and downs, and the only obstacle to be noticed is the “cow tap” kept by the cattle of the villagers along the way.

Rolling hills and stunning scenery help reduce fatigue, unlike the circular tropical rainforests on the Senaru route.

Important. . ! The weather here is very hot if it is not cloudy because there are no trees in this area.
You are expected to wear sun block lotions and hats to protect the body from burning from the sun.

From POS 2 to POS 3, the climb can still be done casually.
But the Challenge for the Sembalun route is the heaviest starting from POS 3 to the rim crater because the uphill gradient can beOvernight at the pavilion / crater rim. Go to the top starting at 2 or 3 am the next morning. You should immediately rest to continue the climb to the top the next day.

Climbing to the top of the rinjani mountain starts usually at 2 am or 3 am depending on your walking speed because the goal is to get to the top before sunrise and can enjoy the sunrise at the highest peak on the island lombok.

The road to the summit is the most difficult journey amongst other tracks because the road is sand mixed with gravel that will make your step a step back when doing one or two steps forward.

After you return from the summit, you can continue the journey to the edge of the lake and hot water bath to relax muscle muscles that have been stiff due to a very heavy climb.

Trip down to the edge of the lake and hot water baths take about 2 to 3 hours depending on your speed goes down.

Important. . ! ! You must be extra careful and always focus on each step because the way down to the edge of the lake is hard rocks that allow you to slip if you do not focus when stepping.

And ask your guide to guide your steps if you feel stiff or weak.

For the second Choice after returning from the summit, you can go straight back to the village as you begin to climb, after before resting after returning from the top.

The journey down to the village is pitchy a little steep and slippery to post 3 in the summer because of the dry and barren soil and during the rainy season due to the wet soil.


Enjoy your Trek and good luck


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